Welcome to On 3 Photography

About Me

My background

Dedicated and energetic Photographer with 10+ years’ extensive experience in custom and specialized photography. Competent at capturing high quality images and organizing materials for photoshoots while displaying confidence and professionalism at all times. Conversant with different types of photography including fashion, wedding and landscapes. Well-versed with advanced photography equipment and tools.

My experience

Creative and aesthetically inclined Wedding Photographers with a track record of success creating permanent visuals for an exceptional range of wedding environments. Effectively determine clients’ specific wedding photography requirements and use an extensive range of technical equipment to cover wedding and related events. A pleasant and dedicated individual who has an approachable attitude and exceptional people skills.

My vision

Our  passion for life and photography helps me to tell the story of your adventure. I approach your wedding with an artistic, editorial eye. I capture stunning portraits, the little details that make your wedding "yours" and the organic, candid moments that you want to be able to share with generations to come